Star Trek, Alchemy, and Magic

Just finished the final touches on my presentation for Thursday! Suuuper excited about it! Gonna record it for later publication on YouTube, and may even broadcast LIVE (if it looks like it would be worth trying … this will be a MUCH bigger room and so audio may be an issue). All in the area […]

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Essentials In Practical Alchemy

Greetings Alchemists!   Last year I had the privilege of being able to share with the community of Olympia, Washington, some essential basics of Alchemy; what it is, and how to approach it.  It proved to be a wonderful experience!    You will find that I have added additional text and materials to some of the […]

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What is Alchemy?

Greetings & Welcome to The Modern Alchemist Channel! It is here we explore anything and everything, gathering up the various pieces which have been scattered over the centuries and place them back together, into a context which is complete, consistent, and comprehensible. Our domain exists within all of the Sciences, both practical and the esoteric, […]

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