Alchemy Journal W.E. – The Torch of Prometheus

Greetings Alchemists, and welcome to Alchemy Journal W.E. (Written Edition), and for those of you who are new, welcome to The Modern Alchemist Channel!  After a great deal of meditation and consideration on this particular topic, I’ve determined that “Alchemy Journal: W.E.” is where I will be sharing the more personal side of my Alchemical experience as I endeavor to share what I have learned or discovered by virtue of the course of my studies in Alchemy and the contemporary sciences.  Alchemy Journal has always been a personal expression of my journey as an Alchemist, but this is definitely taking it to the next level.  

A great deal has happened since the beginning of the year and my very optimistic Alchemy Journal #20 (on YouTube), rendering much of what I had promised to do moot because the time I had planned to do it has passed or unfulfilled because I simply haven’t had the time or energy to do them.  I’ve really wrestled with the best way to proceed with all that I would like to see accomplished or shared on The Modern Alchemist Channel (TMAC).  Over the course of the last five months I’ve spent a lot of time and angst trying to see what would be the best course, and how could I do proper honor to the material and present it in the most helpful and least-threatening way possible.  I say “Least-threatening” because discussion of the core — the inner workings — of the esoteric is often exactly the opposite of (or in opposition to) all that is widely known, understood, or believed.  With decades of work in this field behind me, I can say that I have truly come into genuine appreciation of the apparatus in place that immediately activates when an unorthodox or non-consensus idea is brought forth for public consumption.  If the idea cannot be discredited, debunked, or disproved, then the purveyor of that idea — the messenger — is effectively slain through the course of character assassination.  I decided long ago that I wanted none of that, and am convinced that this is the reason so little actual “Meat” is ever presented for public consumption, as well as why so many scholars self-censor rather than face marginalization (or worse) within the public eye.  

When I began this journey two years ago it was my intention to empower my readers and viewers by sharing as much as I could and pointing others toward  what I considered “Interesting, fascinating, or highly productive” areas of study or exploration.  As a process of sharing what I knew, I discovered that I had begun to change, and this prompted me to share even more and more, carrying us both (you and I) down roads I could have hardly imagined five years ago.  To me, this process seemed somewhat symbiotic, for as I shared what I knew or discovered you were stimulated into inquiring further, which prompted even more exploration and growth on my part which has steadily built up, much to my own personal advantage; meaning that I’ve really grown as a person.  As a result, I have discovered that I can no longer avoid the risk of marginalization (or worse) within the public eye, because what I have discovered, what I have experienced, is bigger than me.  Furthermore, it appears that a component of having learned what I have learned seems to be a drive to share that knowledge.  

So that you have a kind of timeline, I came to the decision to move forward and assume whatever risks or challenges that sharing what I know may bring  with the production of “The M.A.P. Episode 11 – What is Astrotheology?” In this podcast  I essentially state my effective position when evaluating religion (ancient or contemporary) as an Astrotheologian and how that position differs from that of a Theologian relative to the subject, nature, and composition of those sacred myths, legends, or stories that are the foundation of every religion (ancient or contemporary) as well as my position relative to the actual esoteric narrative which is concealed beneath exoteric teachings, beliefs, or practices of those religions.  Clearly, this puts me on the other side of the table when in the presence of any who hold to a fundamental interpretation of those sacred myths, legends, or stories.  Having once sat on the other side of that table (as fundamentalist), I am very sensitive to the level or degree of opposition that can be brought to bear against any who would directly (or indirectly) oppose such fundamental interpretations of those stories.  This isn’t because those who espouse fundamentalism of any kind are bad people, or unintelligent, but rather because this information as I am presenting it here directly contradicts the fundamentalist worldview in a manner which is actually described within their writings; a description which would cast the purveyor of that information in line with what they would see as the embodiment of evil: namely the devil.  You’d think that in the 21st century this would not be so much of a concern, but the world seems to be changing in ways that are unpredictable, and in those times people tend to return to established (fundamental) beliefs as a source of emotional and spiritual support during such chaotic times.   Traditionally, such socio-political tension leads to an increase in fundamentalist beliefs and all that entails, and so now you understand the context behind my initial motivation: which was to present this material in the least-threatening way possible, and why I have stressed the concept of Mental Alacrity when presenting this material.  Of course it is not only religious orthodoxy and all that it entails that is pressing on my mind, it is also scientific consensus or scientific  orthodoxy that provides its own fair share of concern.  Contrary to what most supporters of scientific consensus would suggest, its domains are just as — if not more — jealously guarded as any principle or doctrine taught as a component of religious orthodoxy.  One need only suggest that accepted scientific theories like the Standard Model, Evolution, or Anthropogenic Climate Change may be incomplete, requiring refining or revision (heaven forbid you suggest they be rejected) and watch the same mechanism in place to protect religious orthodoxy swing into action to protect scientific orthodoxy typically with the result of marginalizing or ridiculing whomever challenges those sacred theories.  But of course, new thinking of any kind which challenges established beliefs is rarely embraced with open arms upon its first entrance into these environments or arenas whether they be religious or scientific.

With the production of “The M.A.P. Episode 12 – Human Alchemy & The Art of Thinking” I essentially opened myself up and allowed you to see my mental process as I have come to understand it over the course of many years of introspection and meditation.  Finally,  with the most recent “Ask An Alchemist – TIme, Time Travel, and Consciousness,” I revealed to you where understanding and applying those conceptions of Consciousness can take you.  

Ultimately, this is only the surface of what I have learned and discovered.  Basically, after two years of work and over 100 videos having been produced, I’ve only just begun.  However, given the amount of work ahead of me, and the volume of what needs to be produced, I won’t be able to do it all in video and present it on YouTube simply because I doubt I will have the time or the energy to do so.  What most don’t realize is that production of a video like the last “Ask An Alchemist – Time, TIme Travel, and Consciousness” can take over 20 hours to produce from start to finish.  In the case of the last video, that was only the time in actual production (shooting the video, then editing it, adding notations, and including a couple movie clips to drive some points home); were I to include the several dozen hours I spent meditating upon and refining those concepts the total hours spent would be closer to 60 hours of total time spent in the processing, development, and production of the video in question.  An even greater period of time was spend in the production of the last two episodes of The M.A.P. largely because I provided a refined transcript (or script) for the podcast.  

So how can I satisfy my need to produce, and do so in a meaningful way? The solution to this is simple: produce more material here on WordPress.  This has numerous advantages, not the least of which is that it will provide our community of Alchemists (you) a text resource base of material which is ever-available and accessible; something that is definitely needed and which has been requested of me many times over the course of the last two years.  This is not to say that I haven’t provided some text as a resource in the past, but that previous contribution will be nothing compared to all that will be coming in the immediate future,  

The first noticeable change will be an increase in my response to the increasing number of “Ask An Alchemist” questions.  So many of them could be answered in shorter fashion, but may not really be enough substance for an “Ask An Alchemist” video.  I have answered many questions in personal emails or in the chat feed of various videos (time permitting), but it has occurred to me that many others could benefit from an open-letter response here on WordPress, and this is an opportunity worthy of exploiting for the benefit of everyone (myself included.)  I suppose it was the Reddit “Ask Me Anything” opportunity which I participated in a few months ago that planted this particular seed in my mind, and over that time its germinated into a fruitful series of ideas which I am excited to see come into reality.  The Alchemy Journal will expand into Alchemy Journal W.E. (Written Edition) and it too will become something that will be seen on a much more frequent basis!  I very excited about this because the Alchemy Journal W.E. presents itself as an excellent platform to engage in discussions that would be less appropriate under other topic headings, affording me an opportunity to expand on the utility and application of all we discuss on The Modern Alchemist Channel on a very practical and human level.  

For those waiting for my Book “The Saturn Key” to be finished, fear not it will be finished; however, I am allowing myself the necessary time to see some of the more complex ideas or narratives to develop in full within my mind.  Allowing myself to come forward with many of them and present them here on WordPress is a significant part of that process of development.  As such,  all of the material I have produced, and continue to produce, are to be considered “Elements of the Saturn Key.”    Additionally, with my new vision for what it is I seek to accomplish and how I envision getting there, those “Elements” will be less pointing or suggesting the direction the student should venture toward, look to, or examine and more an explicit pronouncement of what things are and how they operate together (as you have seen in the last three videos I recently produced).

Essentially, I’m done being worried or afraid as to how this material will be received, and more interested in seeing that those who are truly searching for a connection to what we were, are, and have yet to become get some meaningful help on their particular journey.   Compared to what I have seen available or presented publically, what I have to offer — my perspectives — are quite a bit different from the mainstream: they are unique.  My challenge to you who are reading is this: stay flexible and maintain a constant state of mental alacrity.  So often we hear the words “All you know or understand is wrong,” and dismiss them because the knowledge we as a general public possess appears to be productive and certainly is operational relative to the day-to-day aspects of our lives.  Most-certainly, I began my life as a true-believer in all that I had been told about myself, my country, the world, and the universe at large.  Decades later I have learned that most (if not all) of what I knew or had been taught was either inaccurate, incomplete, intentionally misleading for a dozen-dozen different reasons; most of which have to do with the acquisition and retention of socio-political-religious power.  I say this not as a cynic, but as a pragmatist who has lived long enough and seen enough to recognize that this is true, and that those in power deem it an absolute necessity (for reasons known only to them) that this illusion be maintained among the public indefinitely; while in private, the truth is known and cherished.  

My commitment to you is this: to bear the Light and Knowledge I have been given, the Light and Knowledge I have discovered, and the Light and Knowledge I love and share it without fear for all the world to see; and as I said earlier, I’ve only just begun.   It’s up to you what you do with it from that point forward.    



One thought on “Alchemy Journal W.E. – The Torch of Prometheus

  1. I applaud you for not longer being concerned as to how your material shall be received. The world is at a crossroads and there is little time for worry or fear. (Although I thoroughly understand your point; look what they did to J.C.not to mention Ghandi!) I myself have been grappling with this dilemma and have only recently taken the leap to go full speed ahead. Unlike you, my journey has centered around health due to a grave case of cancer that I was cured of out of the country. While there (Mexico) I found out a multitude of things that are shocking and disturbing about what really goes on with cancer in our own country. However, I am also no longer silent when asked or interviewed. And my story is slowly getting out. So kudos to you and I love listening, watching and reading your wonderful lectures. Hopefully, we will not end up on a cross or with a bullet in our heads! LOL!


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