Ask An Alchemist -Telekinesis & Super Powers

Solomon Palmer writes:

“What are your thoughts on telekinesis? Can you perform an act of telekinesis?”


Hi Solomon!

What a great question, definitely something fun to discuss!

Is it possible? Yes, it is possible. Is it probable? Maybe.

Here’s the thing. I’ve often wondered about super powers, and our fixation upon them. The idea of them seems almost natural, and it seems consistent in the presentation of mythologies that ancient gods were most-certainly the “Super Heroes” of yesteryear. But could we do stuff like that today? Maybe. I think the number one thing that prevents us is that it would most-likely frighten the CRAP out of most sensible people if they reached out, thought momentarily (this being the first attempt) and then witnessing the can, pen, or whatever fly/float/fling across the room into your hand (or maybe hit you in the face). I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried, visualized, meditated upon, and the thing that gets in the way is the thought of … oh shit, what do I do when I actually DO it.  In a universe of Mentalism, this simple barrier can become rock solid and impenetrable; and the sense of dread rises so naturally that it seems hard-wired into the system.

I think this is where, in Matrix Terms, some rules can be bent, others broken. Yet this begs the question, is it really breaking a rule if you can do it at all? Is there a “Super Rule” that permits us to bend/break rules at this level?  If that is the case, that would mean there could be an endless supply of “Super Rules” with the capacity to override all other rules … or would it?  When are there rules? How would you know about them? Or is all of this simply our error of perception, and by virtue of our limitation in vision we are limited in our expression of consciousness.

This brings me to what I call “The Hanuman Principle.” In brief, Hanuman is in Hindi mythology a devotee of Rama. He is of note relative to this discussion because he has the ability to do anything he wants to do, but as a youth that was problematic so he was made to forget that he could do anything, until he was later reminded.  Ironically it would seem that we as human beings and Hanuman are not so dissimilar, and I often ask myself if we just need to be reminded of how super we actually are, in order to actualize our latent super powers!

Perhaps it is this reminiscence of being super that will allow us to rouse ourselves from dreams of limitation and awaken to our actual potential.  I think it could happen, and I think that it’ll happen much sooner than later.

Great question! ^_^


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