The M.A.P. Ep 5 Astrotheology Magic & Magic Mushrooms

Greetings Alchemists!


Today we take some time to discuss a video sent to me by one of our viewers (thank you David).   This video covers a myriad of topics ranging from Astrotheology, Nostradamus (which I won’t be covering in this video), Magic, and Magic Mushrooms.

Given the timing, it seemed a perfect opportunity to share my own knowledge and experience with these topics and share them with you.


Please note: This episode contains MATURE SUBJECT MATTER and is for adults.   My discussion of this material or relating my own experience with this these topics (the use of psycho active substances to achieve an altered state of consciousness) is in no way an endorsement or admonishment that others should do or attempt the same; especially minors.

That having been said, sit back and enjoy!

P.S. In the podcast I mention the video sent to me, here is the link should you want to review it yourself.




One thought on “The M.A.P. Ep 5 Astrotheology Magic & Magic Mushrooms

  1. Good day Maestro! Thank you for your review of the video I linked to you. I must say the way you explain how their astrological view point is skewed really explains how one needs to look at everything from at least two points of view and to question everything. On topic of mushrooms, I have a friend who has used Psilocybin and all he can tell me is that he wanted it to end, so I’m not seeing me trying Psilocybin anytime soon, I’ve used marijuana numerous times but being a recovering alcoholic I also cannot use again as I relate marijuana use with alcohol and will have to refrain, as far as pot, it really did relax me enough that had I had presence of thought I would have tried going deeper into my Psyche and began working on myself years ago. Unfortunately all my pot experience was purely recreational and not educational. Once again, thank you, looking forward to learning more from you and your next video. Take care!
    As always


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