The M.A.P. – Ep 3 Being Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

Greetings Alchemists!


It’s great to be back from my short break!  I spent the last several weeks genuinely contemplating the Modern Alchemist Channel, what we have created together thus far, and where we have yet to journey.  It occurred to me that I’ve played it rather safe, and kept the material somewhat general.  It may not seem so to you guys out here, but to those of us who are deeply familiar with this material, I have given it the most limited and superficial treatment.

With this podcast, that ends.  Time to give you guys some REAL meat to consider, and live outside of our collective comfort zones; which is the only zone wherein true growth can take place, yours and mine.   This means that some of what we discuss may prove challenging, because it will likely stand in contrast to prevailing dogma or what is publically discussed or taught.  To truly grasp the overall utility of Alchemy as a Science, Language, and Art, one must be willing to see it employed in every setting and venue.  Knowing that it is happening can make one VERY uncomfortable, largely because this means that there are things you don’t know, that these things are being done openly and are broadly accepted as being something they are not.  I’ve hinted at such, but I’ve also kept a wide birth from discussions of Politics, Religion, Sociology (and social engineering), or History.   The truth be known, it is genuinely impossible to hold a substantive discussion on Alchemy (or Magick), without an open, frank, and objective discussion of what is going on in the world around us.  The world and its politics is an expression of Human Consciousness … Alchemy and Magick are the tools to use, manipulate, understand, and express Human Consciousness … in the larger reality, there is no difference; how could there be?

So sit back, enjoy, expect these on a more regular basis — like several a week — and let’s see where it takes us.



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