Morality, Free Will, and the Occult

For lack of time, I’m simply going to share the last observation which was made which I believe fully encapsulates the viewer’s thesis.  For a complete read on Ari’s comments see the link below and follow the comment thread.

Ari writes:

“… the occult is not inherently good or ill, it’s a moral void. ”

“Then, of course, each one decides for itself what is good or bad, and that’s the worst thing we humans can do. So I said that nothing good can come out of the occult.

“We need a Moral Law instead.”

Essentially, to you, Free Will is a bad thing. Allowing others to determine an Internal Locus of Control is a bad thing.

My friend, we are quite literally two pillars of the Kabbalah talking to each other at this point. You represent the Pillar of Severity, which does not trust the nature of mankind, and believes only Law will resolve the chaos. I am upon the Pillar of Mercy, and here I state that we can trust and see what happens.

Ironically, the position which you hold will lead to further darkness, due to restrictive behavior enforced on other humans by other humans who believe they speak for “The Light” “God” or whatever.   This has EVER been the case in institutionalized religion or the advocation of a supreme moral code given by God or the gods.

This is not what I am about here, and it is not what we are discussing on this channel. Here, we are unmasking thousands of years of symbolism and distortion to see what lay beneath. This requires searching, testing, and applying what is learned to discover where it will lead you. It requires an adventuring spirit and heart, and it requires courage.

You mention that I deny what you call the Christ. In fact, I do, and I do not. I call it for what it is, and I understand that the greater play presented within scripture is not some allegorical message of an existential nature (although it is now interpreted to be such) but a metaphoric description of celestial events which our collective ancestors observed and then presented within a system which we have inherited today.

Ultimately, I knew when I made this Channel that I would eventually come to this point, and I’m prepared.

I appreciate your comment, and understand that you speak from the heart and an internal desire to correct something you perceive to be amiss. I assure you, nothing is amiss here.

I will address your interests in the Collective Unconscious Mind of Mankind as described by Carl Yung (I suggest you do some Google searches and bring yourself current as that it will likely not be right away that I do this, if you want to know about it sooner) as you requested, because this has a great deal to do with the Occult. As a side note, Freud opposed his colleague – Yung – making this knowledge publicly available because he feared it would result in a broad resurgence of occultism; and the 20th century bears this out (to which I am personally very grateful).

I find it ironic that those who oppose Occult Knowledge seek to repress it by applying the label that it is “Evil” or “Dangerous.” This attitude KEEPS the Occult, occult (hidden). Knowledge of a thing is never dangerous, except to those who would seek to ultimately control others under the guise that it is for their benefit or the benefit of society in general that it be kept repressed under some moral or legal code.

I oppose this thinking with everything I possess as a person. Ignorance never was bliss. Ignorance is slavery; slavery to those who know or are in the know. I choose to be free, and I choose to allow as many who would be free to do as they desire. To me, there is but one law that is evident when observing nature: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the law, love under will.” Understand this, and any who do will be much farther along in the path.

Just remember, our view points are in APPARENT opposition, but in truth, the above statement demonstrates a greater architecture inherent within the Universe, that of Love. Figure what THAT is all about and you will start seeing things in a bit broader perspective than the necessity to enforce Laws and Moral codes.

Last thought: as an Alchemist, I stand between these two pillars in Tipareth and use BOTH hands, the Left AND the Right, and walk quite comfortably on either Path (Right or Left) as the context of my Journey demands. Both hands, both positions are of value and valid, but one cannot be favored over the other; one cannot be permitted to have absolute dominance. This is the Art, to find and maintain Balance and Rhythm, and know when to turn in the greater esoteric “Dance.”

Thank you for your comments! It was a pleasure to address them, at least in brief. ^_^




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