That which is Occult in the Age of Information …

This is in address to a very valid and well-articulated comment within the Comment Thread of “Essentials In Practical Alchemy 2015 – Class 5 – Qabalah, Cabala, and Kabbalah ”

Ari Kuncan writes:

This type of belief is very attractive, but does not answer the fundamental questions of existence. It’s a lame system that serves no purpose. We know little about him and the people that belong to these “secret” clubs take advantage of the ignorance to give this system more power than it actually has. The truth does not need to be held in secret. Nothing in the occult can be good. Think about it.


Ari, I agree … but to a point.    Relative to the fact that the Truth does not need to be held in secret, I agree in full. This is entirely why I am doing the work I am doing, and I have gone public (in published video and in more recent classes – ie “Essentials of Practical Alchemy 2016 – Perspective & The Occult”) relative to this issue on many, many occasions stating the same thing.  The time is now to teach others how to carry their own water, and to provide them the tools necessary to do so.


However, there is a fine line to be trod here, and herein is our quandary.  We have learned, by sore experience, that not all human beings are invested in the collective interests of the human race at large.  We have learned that while a Person can be reasoned with, and trusted, People have proven they cannot; which is why we have terms like “Mob Mentality,” and “Group Think.”  Quite literally, entire swaths of human history have been written in the blood of such persecutions.  We could discuss this singular observation at great length, but to be brief, I believe that this process is reflective of a greater statement regarding Human Consciousness: that it is, at least in part, collective.  Carl Yung observed this in his thesis regarding the Collective Unconscious.


But what has this to do with keeping secrets, or keeping them secure … it has everything to do with it; but again, our reference is largely via historical (sometimes hysterical) anecdote (meaning that not everything written can be trusted as being true or accurate).   Those who have been the custodians of this knowledge have learned that the masses can become a dangerous and unpredictable element, especially when people fear what they do not understand and assign epitaphs like “It’s evil.”Even today, there is ample religious persecution in the United States — and we’re leading the charge toward ending persecution.  Sadly,  the rest of the planet isn’t keeping pace, meaning that an expression of religious or philosophical preference can get you killed – even today – in some parts of the world.  Conversion to Christianity from Islam is a death sentence in certain parts of the world when it becomes generally known that one has converted.    I, myself, was disowned by my own parents upon making my own decisions to (ironically) embrace religion (at least for a time, lengthy as it was).   So I personally understand and comprehend the necessity for secrecy: self-preservation in the face of the uncertain judgement of the masses.  Sometimes People just don’t understand.  Sometimes People choose ignorance over wisdom or comprehension.

This concept of self-preservation is not hyperbole.  One need only consult any historical database on the Dark Ages and the Inquisition to see how the many will (often to their own detriment) persecute those who are of a differing point-of-view or personal practice.  But today … is such secrecy needed today?  No, absolutely not.


Today we live in an age where the few are carefully and strategically manipulating the many as a product of the (often willful) ignorance of the many.  Centuries of practice in the Art and Craft of maintaining that which is occult has made the descendants of these ancient fraternal orders the literal masters of the planet, and leaders of the world that formerly threatened to destroy them.   But that threat is nigh ended, and it’s time to shed light upon the world; real light, from ages of accumulated wisdom.


Does this “Light” this knowledge give you the answers to the mysteries of the universe?  No … but it does provide you the tools necessary to find those answers on your own.  I’m all about having the right tools for the right job.  We fail, largely because we either do not understand ourselves or our environment, this material gives you the tools for doing both, and that is enough for me.  ^_^


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