Perspective & The Occult — Essentials of Practical Alchemy 2016 Class 7

Welcome to the final class in the Essentials of Practical Alchemy 2016 Workshop, class #7 “Perspective & The Occult.”

I’ve had a wonderful time sharing this material with all of you, and thank all of you for your letters, your comments, your encouragement, and your support; its what makes doing this work all the more exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling!

In this class I address some of the more commonly asked questions I have received either in email, the discussion board, or the comment threads, in an effort to provide you just the right information to get you back on track if you are lost or confused, or clarify some things if you are simply uncertain as to what something may mean or (more importantly) how to remain flexible when considering the nature or usefulness of an particular idea, construct, or thought-form.

This will be the last class of this series for 2016, and I think we all learned a great deal, I being the greatest beneficiary of the workshop due to the many many hours needed in preparation for each class, and the dozen or more hours needed to annotate each lecture and provide extra video, pictures, or commentary in post-production.

I look forward to all that we will accomplish in the 2017 Essentials of Practical Alchemy Workshop, and may even be able to recruit other experts and esoteric specialists to provide lectures as well!

Until then, keep asking questions, and let Nature ever be your guide and teacher, for in her warm embrace is the essence of the Electric Universe, your essence, and your opportunity to look within, rectify, and discover the hidden stone within your own heart, and turn its base element into gold!



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