Ask An Alchemist – Alchemy, The Great Work, and Transcendence

Luke writes:

I was wondering if there is another side of Alchemy? Personally I had heard of Alchemy in bits and pieces throughout some of my other studies but have recently gained a broader understanding due to, wanting to learn and practice Transcendence. (The reason is that, all the self help and success models all seem to have the same base concept which is positive thoughts and being more consciously aware of the types of thoughts you have whilst on auto pilot.) I guess I have two questions,
1. Have you read the Kybalion and what is your view as an Alchemist?
2. Studying externally from this page there seems to be allot of old images of Alchemist from the past with test tubes in what seems to be secret dark and dinghy labs and added to this all the symbols associated with Alchemy. Is there a whole experimental side to Alchemy, and do you practice this? (As there is not much in your video’s about this so far.)


Here’s Your Answer!

Yes! I have read the Kybalion, and it is a touchstone for the practicing Alchemist and Magician. The Seven Principles outlined within it essentially provide you the architecture of the Universe, of which you (and we all) are inseparably connected.


As for the “Test tube” Alchemist, that is what can be seen as the “Carnal” side of Alchemy, meaning that it deals with actual physical reactions and processes. What most fail to see is that this is not an end, but a MEANS of understanding greater principles. Today, we have any possible experiment available to view or read about and consider, and so it is not really necessary to engage in that area, other than to become COMPLETELY familiar with the processes witnessed in Science so as to provide you the practical vocabulary to express deeper principles which are revealed physically in the lab.


This is why I call myself “The Modern Alchemist” because the ultimate goal of Alchemy IS transcendence, meaning that I am less concerned with turning actual lead into gold and more concerned with what that means on an esoteric level.


Consider: The Heart Chakra, as it currently stands is green and tied to the element of Lead, while the Solar Plexus is Yellow and tied to the element of Gold. It is the “Leaden Heart” of Mankind that requires Transmutation, not some element. It is to this function of transcendence that all the ancient writers (biblical included) are speaking: to elevate oneself from one state of being, to another.


This is what is known as “The Great Work.” For me, my part is sharing what I have come to learn with any who are interested.


And to answer the question that I am now repeatedly asked: Is there a book, website, or other singular source to which one may turn to learn this material? To my knowledge, no. My teachers have been the core material, and an applied understanding of science (specifically, but not limited to, Plasma Physics, which leads to everything else) with continuous observation of nature and natural processes.


This is Occult Knowledge, and by default that means that you WILL NOT find it easily. My journey has taken me around 30 years of clawing around in the dark, finding scraps and pieces of “Truth,” Knowledge, or Perspective, and having the patience and perseverance to stick with it until it gelled into something tangible, real.


The result, I’m here now, almost by compulsion, to share and reveal what I have spent a lifetime gathering from as many diverse sources as possible. Remember, everything is connected to everything.


I know that it is disappointing to everyone out there to hear this, but that’s the way it is. This knowledge is, nor never was, meant for wholesale public consumption; largely because most people don’t really care to know (if they did, there would be millions of people like myself out there, and not just a few, doing, learning, studying, and sharing this knowledge … but we can become millions!)


A final thought: My method is very practical and not very flashy. I oppose idolatry in all its forms (placing one’s absolute confidence into a “Thing” rather than themself), and any form of superstition. This channel is designed to show people another way (not the ONLY way, just another way) and share with the world that this particular way is widely used, seen everywhere, and a component of all we do (symbolism is everywhere). Learning to piggyback on that and ride it to your advantage is the real cognitive magic; but in the end, the ultimate goal is to seek personal reconciliation with the Ego and transcend its influence. Do that, and you are well on your way to executing your own Great Work to fulfillment! I hope this helps you and any others out there who have asked this question! ^_^


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