Esoteric Smackdown Super Hero Edition – Overwatch

Greetings Alchemists!


Welcome to another exciting episode of Esoteric Smackdown: Super Hero Edition! Today we will be examining Blizzard Entertainment’s “Overwatch.” Specifically, we will be looking at three of the Overwatch shorts and giving them the Esoteric Smackdown, revealing all the hidden beauty and teaching laying just beneath the surface!


So as not to make it too dense with reading, I am sticking to the Kabbalistic Basics, so each film will be an analysis of the relationship between the Astrotheological concept and body of The Sun and Saturn. Remember, when examining the roles of each planet within the Kabbalah, The Sun has TWO roles, and one is to act as Agent for Cosmic Force or Chaos and stand in for Chokmah, which does not have an actual planetary influence upon which to draw. The Sun, as Agent for Chokmah can then facilitate the role of Destroyer or Savior, which in fact, is what The Sun has done and represents – Apollyon and Apollo.

So sit back, grab some coffee and enjoy!

Here is the Video!  Enjoy!


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