Finding Oneness Within The Electric Universe – A Cosmic Odyssey – Elements of the Saturn Key

Greetings Alchemists!

One of the more significant Elements of The Saturn Key is that of perspective. Often we fail to recognize how incredible we are, the world is, and just how amazing that we are even dimly aware of all that is going on around us from moment to moment.

In our isolation under the Standard Model of Physics, we see ourselves as disconnected from everything, and therefore unable to do more than be mere victims of a universe that is cold, without compassion, and without feeling. The Standard Model would have us believe that we are the animate dust of a dead star blown outward into the cosmos upon its demise. As such, we are forever bound by death and our fate, hopeless.

The Electric Universe Model is something quite different, and over the course of the last hundred years or so, all who have championed it have been vilified, shunned, or cast out of the academic fields wherein they had previously taught the prevailing dogma of Standard Model Physics.

Here, I offer you the alternative offered by more than a century of esotericists and maverick scientists who have come to recognize the utility, value, and observable truth of the Electric Universe Model.

So join me, as we explore this concept, and stay with me till the end so that you can enjoy this totally awesome space flight movie I put together for you to use in meditation at the end!



2 thoughts on “Finding Oneness Within The Electric Universe – A Cosmic Odyssey – Elements of the Saturn Key

  1. Greetings Zen Master Hubba Bubba!
    I have a question for you regarding the cube. I’ve been watching your playlists and I’m wondering if I’m still just too closed minded to understand all this stuff? I’m really struggling to find anything that may open my mind so that some of this clicks, I have some crystals and have been studying the intricacies of the structures inside, one of which has a cube inside and nothing is popping out at me. Do you have any suggestions as to how to go about studying alchemy and not become so overwhelmed by all the information out there? One other note, on your video about what books you read, I have been reading a few of those books before I discovered your YouTube channel and they haven’t really given me an a-ha moment, they are intriguing nonetheless, but any guidance would be greatly appreciated. I wish I could attend your upcoming workshops however I live in western Nebraska and I’m presently on vacation so I feel that’s out of the question. Anyway, take care!
    As always


    1. Hi David,

      Fear not, I think that in the upcoming workshop I will be able to provide you some of the foundation that you may require or desire. I will be publishing the class material on YouTube following the class of the same week, and I have even been toying with providing a live broadcast during the class (posted this idea in my discussion section on TMAC-The Modern Alchemist Channel), which means that you could attend virtually. Not sure how the twitter communications will work out, but we’ll make it happen. LOL

      As for understanding this material … it is INTENTIONALLY made dense and impenetrable to discourage those who are casually examining it, or for those who lack the proper KEYS to decrypt what is in front of them. I have found that with the proper KEYS this material opens up like a lotus flower quite easily. Its like those weird posters from the 90s that had a 3D image hidden inside of the squiggly lines and patters. Only when you relax, and maybe have someone guide you and suggest what you are looking at, that it becomes clear. Its exactly the same with this material. This takes time. I’ve been at this most of my life, and quite literally, it only really snapped into focus for me in the last 5-8 years (I lacking the aid of anyone who had gone before me).

      So be patient with yourself. Realize that most of the material out there is designed either to confuse or confound those who are not part of “The Know.” It may seem really crappy, but the same system that has thwarted you thus far is the same system that has preserved this rather important knowledge despite thousands of years and attempts to conceal or corrupt it.

      Hope you have a great vacation!

      Your Friend,

      p.s. the Ah-ha moments will come … like a garden, it takes time, patience, care, and a sense or insight that your labors will eventually produce fruit. Keep at it. In the meantime, I’m sharing as much of the essential basics as I can. Realize, the stuff that I am teaching online is merely the most superficial of knowledge that is available, this material goes DEEP … but when one has been starving, even scraps and small morsels seem like a feast! ^_^

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