Gods of Egypt – TMAC & ZMHB Present Honest Movie Reviews

Hi guys!

I went and saw “Gods of Egypt” today.  Here is my review.

Here is the review!


Post Script:

Hi guys! I just realized that I made a (what I consider a terrible) mistake relative to my accounting for the gods as presented in the movie. My error was in identifying the character of Nephthys with the goddess Bastet (Bast) who looks like a cat. Nephthys is among the original pantheon of the first creation and therefore bears a human countenance. I think this wacky movie scrambled my brains! LOL

I was going to pull the video for that error, but the views are already stacking up, and its better to just do the correction in this way. Anyway, I wanted to be SURE that those of you who have seen this review would understand my mistake. After all I don’t want you guys going out there and getting caught reflecting the wrong mythology relating to the wrong gods. There’s enough of that going around in this movie, no need for me to add to that confusion! =D Thanks for being understanding!


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