Ask An Alchemist – Saturn, The Sun, and SAMSUNG

Greetings Alchemists!

In this episode I answer the following question:
“You have mentioned that corporations conceal esoteric symbolism in plain sight, can you give us an example of this, and show us what they are doing?”

Here’s you’re answer, and I use the SAMSUNG company logo as a means of showing you what, how, and why!




I truly hope you enjoyed this one, I put a lot of time into it in hopes that I was completely thorough and clear.

Have a wonderful day! And remember, no matter where you go, there you are! =D
Links I mentioned in the video:
“The Straw Man Illusion — The Foundation of Debt Slavery”
Zen Master Hubba Bubba Playlist

Ask An Alchemist
“Pentacles, Pentagons, and Perspective”

Ask An Alchemist
“The Relationship Between Sacred Geometry and The Seal of Saturn”

“Mediations on the Cube, Saturn, and Their Potential Significance”



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