Satanism & Luciferianism: How To Identify Them And Know the Difference Between Them


Aubrey Forest

“The Modern Alchemist”


Without question, this is one area that the vast, vast majority of those speaking on this topic have no idea what they are talking about. This is for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that these words have become marginalized in popular thought, and directly associated with all that is evil in the world. Furthermore, these two names are considered synonymous within the ear of the general public; the irony being, nothing could be farther from the truth. With that said, allow me to bring some light on this very dim topic, and perhaps, help everyone out there finally get some clarity on the subject.

The tool which we shall use is the Tree of Life, as presented in the Kabbalah. This tool is indispensable in understanding matters of politics (including the execution of wars, rebellions, and revolutions), the emergence of social issues, and the organization of all ecclesiastical bodies, regardless of denomination or religious doctrine. The Tree also has vast utility and implication in all fields of science, and is widely used (surreptitiously) in the expression of more complex cosmological theories or doctrines. This is vitruvian_flower_of_life_by_schneerf-d4f10p1because the Tree of Life presents a unified cosmology expressing consistent archetypal relationships between universal forces which we embody, and which we witness about us daily. Thus, by understanding how to apply the Tree of Life upon the world around us, we are able to suddenly visualize – in concrete terms – the flow and relationship of powers and potencies around us, and be better equipped to intelligently navigate between them.

Sadly, it is likely that this material will surpass the reader unfamiliar with the Kabbalah, the planetary forces to which it speaks (namely the seven “Planets” named in standard astrotheology), or the fact that this knowledge has been embedded into everything we do, say, or experience. Our very language with which we speak and convey ideas is not merely tainted with this knowledge, it is build upon it. We are as the fish in the sea who do not perceive the water because they are swimming in it. Remember, we are given the words we speak by others who have defined our language and as a process, defined our consciousness and the world around us as we perceive it. Words like sun, moon, stars, good, evil, god, and devil have had their associated meanings developed well before we ever employed their use, and their true meaning is rigidly guarded by the powers that be; the powers which have filled our mouths with the words we speak and the thoughts we have thunk. The imminent impact of the cognitive structures which lay ready for the newborn is staggering and profound when fully considered. Literally, an entire world lay waiting for the new born to be discovered and defined. I say this, because it is important that the reader fully consider their own prejudice relative to the definitions which shall follow, and ask in sincere honesty, “Who told you that?” If the reader is honest, the reader will realize that the vast majority of what they 10337719_713049895418825_5359317003785580537_nsay and think is not the result of intensive personal investigation in the matter, but rather that they are parroting back what they have heard which remains consistent with all they have been told since childhood. Should the reader remain objective, the reader shall find the ring of truth amid all the chaos and discover that the application of the Tree is like laying a code key over a jumble of letters and words to reveal the true message, the actuality of the process, the organizational principle behind all human interactions whether they be political, social, or ecclesiastical in nature.

With this said, let us turn our attention upon the Tree – in brief – so as to provide the reader with background sufficient to see the patterns involved. One who is novice to the Kabbalah will be able to see the archetypes as they relate to each other and visualize the process on the most fundamental of levels. To the seasoned initiate in the Kabbalah, this material will provide added illumination to the social structures and morays they are witnessing around them. And to the master of the Kabbalah, this material will be a matter of fact. This material is not designed to do more than place these two philosophies, Satanism & Luciferianism, into their proper context and allow the reader to properly define and contextualize what they are seeing around them, relative to they system of thought presented upon the Tree.

The Tree is divided into three columns going from top to bottom referred to as Pillars. On the objective right is the Pillar of Mercy headed by Chokmah, on the objective left is the Pillar of Severity headed Binah, and the Middle Pillar – the Pillar of Mildness – is headed by Kether. For the purpose of our study on Satanism and albero_della_vita_colorato_con_attribuzioniLuciferianism, we need only consider the pillars on the Left and the Right. We will begin by speaking only of the Tree in objective terms, as that is how these philosophies have been presented to the general public; however the truth of the Tree is only revealed through a subjective examination wherein you place yourself within the Tree, spine on the Middle Pillar, left hand on the Pillar of Mercy, and the right hand on the Pillar of Severity.

In consideration of one’s “Path” within the occult, we are often taught that the Right Hand Path is that of Light, and the Left Hand Path is that of Darkness. When viewed upon the Tree in objective terms this is the case as that the pillar of Mercy, seen on the objective right, is considered an aspect of illumination and light bearing. Chokmah represents the masculine, the positively charged, and the volatile. Similarly, the Pillar of Severity is seen on the objective left, and is associated with darkness, stasis, passivity and the feminine. There are endless cosmological and mythological archetypes which can be drawn upon for comparison, but nothing is more effective than an assignation of their identities as presented upon the Tree. The Pillar of Severity is headed by Binah, which is clearly identified with the planet Saturn. This knowledge alone, renders the savvy student of the Kabbalah with vast potentials and discovery. Saturn is the Lawgiver, the Ruler of Time, and the Judge; in fact, Saturn is all about the rules and justice. Saturn is the Tester of souls, and as such, Saturn also fulfills the role of Tempter. The fixed state of Saturn reveals its inherent opposition to the active state of Chokmah, which is the eternally active and volatile. Saturn represents Order and demands Structure amid chaos. From the perspective of Saturn, the light of Chokmah is a violation and a disruption of its static perfection. It is Saturn’s role as “Tester” which leads the adept to their final conclusion that a “Tester” can also be considered a “Tempter.” The role of “Tempter” is assigned clearly to Satan in Christian mythological contexts and this is clearly expressed within the work of Dante’s Divine Comedy. Knowing this about Saturn facilitates a bridge of understanding when consulting Dante’s Inferno, which describes the realm of Satan as frozen and immobile, without growth, and therefore inverno (a play on words in the Italian, relating to the word inferno which is an uncontrolled conflagration) which is to say in winter, without growth or life, frozen. Understanding that Saturn, as Chronos, was defeated by Zeus (his son, aka Jupiter) and cast into Tartarus (Outer Darkness) further verifies the identity of Saturn as the Ruler of Endless night, winter, death, and darkness. Saturn seen as Satan, fulfills duel roles as both Law Giver and Tester/Tempter.

Lucifer is a bit harder to nail down, as that it requires an understanding that any force which results in the destabilization of a static system (one fixed in entropy) falls under the dominion of Chokmah. So while the Sun is presented within Tiphareth (Middle Pillar directly below Kether), the Sun also supplies itself as the destabilizer of a static system under Saturn (historically), and as such, also represents the forces conducted under Chokmah when considered in full, cosmologically. Tying the name of the Sun to Lucifer is merely a matter of understanding its influence upon our consciousness each day. Lucifer is considered “The Great Deceiver” and “The Father of Lies,” within the framework of existing Judaeo-Christian mythological constructs. This association is the result of the Sun’s impact upon consciousness each time it rises at dawn. We refer to this time of day as “Morning,” but have you ever considered why? The answer is found within the creation nfgc-2story of the world, and it is in the presentation of what is termed – in scripture – “Day.” Within scripture, the day is measured from evening to morning, and not from dawn to dusk as we do today. Why? This is because in the “Morning” we mourn the loss of our connection with the cosmos. From evening till morning, our true relationship with the cosmos is revealed, and we see ourselves as a connected point within an infinite universe; a universe filled with stars and planets which our ancestors referred to as “Gods.” Upon the rising of the Sun, this knowledge is concealed from us by our “Jealous god,” who shall have no other gods before him (keeping in mind that stars and planets are considered “Gods” historically). How is this accomplished? By virtue of the Sun’s massive brilliance, it casts out the darkness and bears only light. The Sun is the bearer of light, or Lucifer, which is Latin for “Bearer of Light.” As such Lucifer, the Sun, is the Father of Lies and the Great Deceiver, because it reveals only itself and conceals all else. More can be learned about the Sun, Lucifer, when considered within the framework of the Tree. Kabbalistically, the Sun functions in a dual role: it is at our heart and the core of our existence in Tiphareth, and it also represents the destabilizing force of Chokmah when considered against the ordered, passive state of Binah and Saturn. Much more – literal volumes – could be, and have been, written discussing this dualism between the active and the passive, the fixed and the volatile, and the value of this study is immeasurable to the dedicated initiate. However, for the purposes of our brief survey, what has been presented is sufficient.

So from a purely objective standpoint, when considering the two forces, we see the Light on the Right and the stock-video-3932132-tree-and-sun-moon-02-backgroundDark on the Left; the traditional view of the world. Of course, when considered subjectively an entirely different perspective is gained, and a greater understanding of the relative truth of the situation is revealed. It is from the subjective standpoint, that we shall continue our analysis of the Tree, for only from a subjective standpoint, can the actual interactions upon the tree be fully understood relative to our world and its current structure and situation. The fact that the general public has only been taught to evaluate a matter objectively is the first layer or level of deception relative to the actual operation of systems within the world of human interaction. White is right, white is good, black is left, black is evil; this over simplification and solely objective viewpoint has led to countless misunderstandings and endless incomprehension within the public, all to the advantage of those in the know. The fact that the reality of the matter is so completely misunderstood is a testament to the effectiveness of the overall deception by both parties – Luciferian and Satanic – upon the general public.

Taken from a subjective standpoint, the ideologies represented by the Tree are these: that which is upon the Right Hand (the Pillar of Severity) is concerned with the body of the community as an whole and not the individual, whereas the Left Hand (the Pillar of Mercy) is concerned primarily with the individual, and not the needs of the general community. An apt analogy is fond in the body’s own systems relative to the treatment of liver-functionsthe blood. The liver functions as “The cop on the block,” ensuring that the blood maintain its proper order, and be pure or it is removed; this is the function of the Pillar of Severity, and Saturn. The left is identified with the function of the heart, and pumps indiscriminately allowing all blood to be whatever it may be – both healthy or damaging – to exist and move within the body. From the standpoint of the liver and the Pillar of Severity, the chaos and permissiveness of the Pillar of Mercy is to the detriment of the organism at large.  In consideration of the subjective left, it is no wonder we shall see later it is Venus who descends from Chokmah in her indiscriminate affections.

Decent upon the Tree shows that these roles and concerns switch in subtle ways from side to side, but the overall mission is ever the same; the right being community and societal regulation which is enforced externally by the community or government, and the left being the regulation of the individual by the self. Those familiar with the occult will find these definitions far more satisfying than those presented by a mere objective appraisal of the Tree. From a mythological standpoint, it was Lucifer, as the serpent, who entered the garden and initiated the Fall, freeing Adam and Eve from the strictures wherein they were bound by virtue fantasy-jesus-vs-satan-arm-wrestling-wallpaperof their creation. And it was Satan who came to Jeshua Ben Joseph (a.k.a. Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ) and tempted him following his 40 day fast; the temptations being the “Test” of his character when confronted with the pitfalls of the Flesh, Hunger, and Desire – the three core aspects of Leviathan. There are many who will contend that Adam and Eve were equally tested, however this is a misapprehension of the text and the subsequent roles as revealed later. Keep in mind, literalism is esoteric death, and what you read must be considered within the framework of allegory and Kabbalistic context and relationships; the original authors being deeply rooted in Kabbalistic understanding.

So, with Satan subjectively placed on the Pillar of Severity and the right, and Lucifer subjectively placed on the Pillar of Mercy and the left, let’s see what resides under their dominion on either side.

Working down on the right (Pillar of Severity) we have Saturn the Law-giver. Saturn’s predominate colors – societally – are black, brown, and red. This reveals immediately those governmental and political forces which draw their association through Saturnian influences. The entire court system is clad in black, and rightly so, because Saturn is the law-giver, and therefore stands as judge. Similarly, virtually all clergy espousing albero_della_vita_colorato_con_attribuzionitraditional roles and modes of living are also clad in black; being representative of the god of Law, Saturn. Remembering that our nation was founded by Free Masons, and that they had a profound understanding and appreciation of the Kabbalah, it goes to follow that those aspects or instruments of government would also fall under dominions so ascribed. Fascism falls under he domain of Saturn as well, as was seen with the Fascist “Brown Shirts” of the Nazi Party in Germany prior to WWII. Descending down from Saturn we find Mars is represented under the sphere of Geburah. Associations with Mars leads one immediately to understanding that the function of war is also regulated under Binah and Saturnian influences, Saturn also being associated with death. However, Mars’ function is not simply to bring war, but to stand for the individual within the corporate state, when the corporate state has become too rigid and inflexible. In fiction, we see Mars as characterized by the vigilante who stands up against the oppressions of government or corruption; but ultimately it is to restore order, a very Saturnian ideology. In every other context, Mars is the iron hand of order standing vigilant guard against socially lax and corrosive attitudes or values. This places the functions of the American government within a specific relief, as that the Republican Party – associated with the color red – is concerned with precisely the same thing: securing the rights of the individual against the corporate state, and ensuring that traditional values are ever maintained; a very “Marsian” perspective if ever there was one. Beneath Mars in the sphere of Geburah we find Mercury in the sphere of Hod. One of the delightful dualisms associated with Mercury is that he is the patron god of merchants and thieves; indeed, a fascinating commentary upon the mercantile professions by our ancestors! Mercury is also the patron of communications, and so we can see that all fields of communication fall under the dominion of Saturn through Mercury. This places Mercurial influences upon all forms of communication including, but not limited to, the music industry, the film industry, and publications and media of all kinds; all of which fall under the ultimate dominion of Saturnian or Satanic influences.

The Pillar of Severity stands in direct contrast to the Pillar of Mercy. It is in this contrast we can see and understand the roles they assume within society as a whole. Where Saturn is the giver of laws, Chokmah is the administrator of unrestrained freedom. “Do as thou wilt, shall be the whole of the Law,” under the domain of Chokmah, Lucifer the Sun. Self rule and self determinism are the core values presented within the Pillar of Mercy, and this is clearly manifest as we descend upon the Tree. Beneath Chokmah is Jupiter within the sphere of Chesed. From the Tree, we learn that the other name of Jupiter is El. A significant find for the alert esotericist and mythologists alike, for it demonstrates that the name El is given to Jupiter, and not to Saturn dn9824-1_831-580x380which is described by the Tetragramaton Yod, Heh, Vav, Heh. Jupiter is represented as the benevolent king who organizes society from the chaos and yet allows an extraordinary degree of individuality, not unlike the old American west. Where Saturn would say, “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few,” Jupiter would counsel that for society to operate, the rights of the individual must be represented within the group. This attitude seems eerily similar to that of Mars, but one can quickly come to grips in understanding when one considers the context wherein they manifest. Mars’ presentation is to create flexibility and motility within the apparent stasis of Saturn’s influence. Mars cries out, “Don’t crush the little guy,” and is often depicted in fiction as the lone vigilante seeking retribution and justice within a system which is intractable. But Mars is still an instrument of Justice and Order under the domain of Saturn. As such, Mars can also become the oppressor, putting the clamps down on individual expression in light of the needs of the many. Jupiter, on the other hand, calls for a semblance of order with the understanding that individuals can figure it out mostly on their own without micromanagement, so long as certain guidelines are established. Jupiter on a good day is seen as a benevolent ruler who reigns with a mostly hands-off posture. This attitude, when taken to the extreme leads those under the influence of Jupiter toward eventual corruption without the tempering hand of Mars to counterbalance liberty with considerations of society as a whole. The predominate colors of Jupiter are blue, blue and white, and purple. The color blue combined with an understanding of the overall presentation of Jupiter’s mission places the American Democratic party within its domain; and the mission of the Democratic party confirms this, which is to secure the freedoms of the many one must secure the freedoms of the individual, allowing for non-traditional views of marriage, etc.; views which Mars would ever oppose. Descending below Jupiter is Venus in the sphere of Netzach. Venus brings human relationships and partnerships to the table of political and governmental concerns. Any and all workings to elevate social consciousness relative to social issues and partnerships falls under the domain of Venus and eventually Chokmah. With this understanding, it is apparent that the LGBT community, and all for which they stand and fight, reside within the realm of Venus, who says, “Love whom ye choose to love,” a familiar echo to Chokmah’s – and Lucifer’s – “Do as thou wilt ….”

It is not surprising that the idea of Satan or Lucifer could become so confused within the mind of the public. Very little has been done in the way of clarifying these two ideologies, much to the advantage of those who control and espouse them. Most would be well-served to abandon their beliefs in a person who is either 01Lucifer or Satan, and recognize that neither are representative of the Devil; the Devil being a subjective conjunction of the words “GoD of Evil.” The use of the term “Devil” bears with it supreme irony, in that this is how each pillar views the other from a subjective standpoint, as a god of evil. Why? Because taken subjectively, the idea of a rigid, inflexible state of being is an anathema to a force of eternal motion and volatility; they stand in eternal opposition to each other. Hence, the term “Devil” is neither singularly representative of either pillar, and yet descriptive – from a subjective standpoint – of each pillar relative to its opposite.

The actual nature of either Satan (Saturn) or Lucifer (the Sun) is neither good nor evil, and any appraisal made to this fact as being absolute can only be seen when assuming the subjective posture of one pillar or the other. To the incarnation of an ordered system, any disruption of that order is seen as evil. To the incarnation of a chaotic system, any disruption of that chaos manifesting as an ordered state is evil. Ultimately, both sides find themselves working together at some point or another, and so we discover the realm of the Alchemist within the Heart of Tiphareth, for it is here that we learn to balance the two forces, and stand astride the Tree, using both hands, and serving neither master.

the-realities-of-lucifer-and-satanAs you can see, there is a great deal more to the story than has been revealed to you in Sunday School or in movies and television. The truth being that those espousing the doctrines of Satan (Saturn) and those championing the philosophies of Lucifer (Chokmah, and the Sun) are neither good nor evil, but that such appraisals are reserved for those bearing a certain perspective and understanding as to their relationship to each other upon the Tree.

A great deal of noise and tumult has been made over the centuries regarding these two ideologies which are personified as Lucifer and Satan, all to the advantage of those “In the know” who utilize their understanding of these cosmological forces to control the hearts and minds of the ignorant masses. Remember, literalism is death in the realm of the esoteric, and it is the masses’ faith and literal belief in the systems and personages presented before them that has lead to their powerlessness and captivity.


4 thoughts on “Satanism & Luciferianism: How To Identify Them And Know the Difference Between Them

  1. Lately, I have become obsessed with Saturn, Lucifer, the nimrod archetype, and the influences of the same on the Abrahamic traditions, especially Christianity. I believe that the nimrod archetype is rebroadcast in Jesus Christ. I also wonder whether there is a dominant luciferian or saturnian influence in Judaism. To what extent are these distinct? In my attempts to analyze this, they almost seem to be similar in terms of symbolic reference, and yet there is a definite dissonance between the Judaic and other saturnian/luciferian positions. What can you tell me about this?


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