Meditations on The Cube — Saturn — And Their Potential Significance!

Meditations on The Cube …

This is one of the first exercises I give to my Alchemy students: to take a simple child’s “Building block” and render it in two dimensions in as many ways as they can imagine. Then they are to look in the world around them as see if what they have drawn is in use around them today. Corporate logos & breweries, church steeples, mosques, cathedrals, temples, monasteries, and countless other secular and sacred places bear this mark. The question next to be asked is, “Why?”

The Key is found in the Kabbalah, and its name is Binah, Saturn, Aralim,Tzaphkiel, Yod Heh Vav Heh, the Third Emanation, and Mara the Sea of Bitterness. It is the Key to Understanding the Foundation of Material Creation. It is that which provides Structure amid the chaos of Creation. It is the Root of the Pillar of Severity.

This video, is the first of a “Meditation Series” that is used to assist the student in opening their mind to the presentation of symbolism in many contexts. The ultimate aim, to recognize the strength of one of the world’s oldest and most pervasive Cognitive Thought Forms (symbols), and to seek an understanding as to why this Cognitive Thought Form is so significant, and how this knowledge can be applied to facilitate greater enlightenment, insight, strength, and power.

What “Power?” The power to enter upon the Transmutation of the Self, to take one’s leaden state into something more … something precious, something golden, something divine. It is the power to transmute etheric lead into gold and achieve the greatest treasure of all: Ascension.

It all begins with a single building block.

Now sit back, turn down the lights and relax. Allow the music and the imagery to flow over you as you open your mind to the potentials of the Unconscious and ply your way through the countless centuries of symbolic meaning and associations.


Aubrey Forest “The Modern Alchemist”


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