The Stars & Alchemy


Aubrey Forest

4e7f4563ea11e5496dd78321acef9ee9 (1)There is one thing, one principle, one reality, that all who seek after Alchemy and the full range of transmutation, self-determinism, and power available through that Art must accept, or they shall forever be stalled, halted, and unable to progress to anything more than mediocre potential. It is that stars are electric. This simple truth opens the gates to vast, vast potential and discovery; of both an external and internal nature. It is the very gateway to enlightenment and ascension, for it places all things within their proper context, and fully established the reality of the First Principle of Alchemy: that of Mentalism. All things are mental. The All is Mind.

It is this Truth, and the physical expressions of its reality, that have been the sole occupation of every religion, philosophy, creed, secret or occult practice. This Truth, and its corresponding relevance to you and your actual experience upon the Earth, allow for explanation of even the most seemingly complex idea, experience, or construct into something easily crablargeunderstandable, but only from a certain perspective. The experience is much like those sculptures which can only be fully appreciated when standing in a given position or in a particular light. So it is with understanding the importance of stars being electric, for by understanding this Truth, you will come to better understand yourself.

In brief, there are two ideas that stand in direct opposition to each other, and the contest is much the same as observing the contest between David and Goliath. On David’s side are those of us in the community of the Electric Universe, which includes the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers, Physicists like Wallace Thornhill, Mythologists like David Talbott, and Cognitive (Modern) Alchemists like myself. On the side of Goliath, is the prevailing dogma of Standard Model Physics, and the physicists who espouse its many complex doctrines. This includes the families of Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Theory, and Relativistic or Theoretical Astrophysics.

The side of David asserts that all things are connected, composed of, and interacting as plasma (electricity). From stars to flowers, all things are composed of energy, and driven by energetic exchanges between more highly energized sources and less energized sources; all in an effort to achieve a kind of charged-state equilibrium. Goliath contends that all things are separate, that it is gravity (a force that is one Trillion, Billion, Billion, Billion, Billion times weaker than the Electric Force) Simulation of the large-scale structure of matter in the universthat produces and creates everything we see in the heavens above us, or the earth beneath our feet. Metaphorically speaking, Goliath asserts one can create anything, including a star, with a big enough hammer; the result being a story not far removed from what we are told our ancestors believed about the sun and the stars long ago: that they were merely (exhaustible) campfires in the sky.

The method of stellar dynamics and formation between these two paradigms are virtually in direct opposition to each other, which makes identifying the Truth a bit easier upon some critical examination. Goliath contends that stars are formed via a process of gravitational collapse due to another universal property: Mass. And yet they have no idea as to where “Mass” gets its Mass, beyond the yet-as-to-be-proven or observed Higgs-Bosen Particle. According to Goliath, as Mass increases, gravitational distortion in space/time (which is another imagined property of Theoretical Physics community, as that “Time” is not something that is never actually quantified in terms of physics relative to it as a particular thing; time is always measured relative to something else) blog_supernovae attracts more material in the immediate area, causing further collapse and compression of the atomic structure within the center of the compression. This eventually ignites (your space camp fire, or candlelight, whatever be your preference) into a fusion process (something else we have yet to prove or witness, anywhere) and the star burns. This burning releases electromagnetic properties which we interpret as the Electromagnetic Spectrum, but this in no way is related to anything within the environment beyond simple mechanical interaction with other atoms and structures.

David’s side is a bit more elegant. David contends that the universe is awash in plasma (free floating electrons and ionized particles) which move, flow and interact with each other in real time, across the infinite expanse of the universe. We witness this energy exchange as what are termed Birkeland Currents (named after Kristian Birkeland, the scientist who first visualized them in his descriptive models of the universe and its electrical operations), which flow like rivers and veins Birkeland currents diagthroughout everything. They compose themselves into ribbons of stars running in long columnated chains, binary systems, stars with satellites, worlds, mountains, oceans, rivers, forests, plants, animals, insects. and even people; the difference is only a matter of scale, frequency, and vibration. All things are connected, built of the same materials, distinguished only in the manner of their expression. In this model, stars and planets are not formed as a result of collision and compression, stars and planets are formed as a literal process of the star giving birth, shedding or excreting the smaller star or planet in question in an effort to achieve a charged-state equilibrium with the surrounding area and its relative electrical input resulting from the Z-Pinch at it’s core. This process has been witnessed and puzzled Standard Model Physicists time and again as we discover star after star with super earths and/or gas giants in impossibly close orbits which gravitation and Goliath would insist would result in the planet or gas giant falling back into the star as a process of gravitational accretion; and yet, they remain stable and in perfect orbit. Still, there are other complexities and compositions to consider in a system which is so connected. The planets formed by their parent star are intrinsically connected to that star, being made of the same material of their parent star (something the inner planets of our current solar system can not claim). This means all things created on that planet, by the parent star, would be perfectly adapted to the electromagnetic input of that star. It would be a perfect creation. Just as a baby can expect 100% suitable nourishment from her mother’s milk, so to all things which would evolve and be sustained by the parent star would be adapted and developed to absorb 100% of the electromagnetic nourishment and potential received from their parent star. Understanding this principle can Plasma_galaxygive one extraordinary clarity relative to themselves and the world around them as it currently is. Why? Because nothing in current human memory or experience can support this paradigm. But when one consults the records and myths of our ancestors, it is apparent that our world once enjoyed this very perfection in what was once termed a “Golden Age.” In fact, it was our decent from our once “Golden Age” that has been the core material for every story ever told. Every myth, every legend, every story of creation, renewal, and destruction all speak to the same core events in our collective human history, our collective human memory. It is the only story being told, because it is the only story worth telling. It is our story, and it speaks in terms of metaphor and symbolism to awaken that which forever sleeps within us, in order to awaken us to who and what we are and what has become of us. It is this Knowledge that allows us to pursue Structure amid the chaos.

So why is knowing any of this important? Knowing Goliath’s position leaves one with little in the way of understanding the greater processes of the universe, because its forces and interactions are isolated and unrelated. You can exist with or without the presence of your star. All you need is yourself, some food, and the essential environmental conditions and you hubble-dark-matter-101112-2-02could live indefinitely; or so we have been told endlessly in science fiction space travel shows. Keep in mind, those same shows continually show us that there is noise associated with energy weapons fire within a vacuum: Pew Pew Pew! The alternative, David’s perspective, would suggest that all things, being intrinsically connected are also intrinsically dependent upon each other; meaning that were the star generating life for its companion planets to cease its function, more than mere light and heat would be extinguished, all life and all consciousness relative to and dependent upon that star, would pass away as well. David’s view permits space travel, but the people traveling would of necessity, need be Cognitive (Modern) Alchemists, because only they would have the proper understanding to attenuate their energy centers to take full advantage of the current driving force of stellar consciousness, its frequency, intensity, and vibration. The method of travel would have to be more akin to a Stargate (which I visualize as electromagnetic conduits of living consciousness through which the potent alchemist could travel, rather than theoretical wormholes of the show of the same name) than a space ship.

Alchemy wrests entirely upon the proposition that stars are not compressed gas forming into a fusion reaction resulting in centaurus-a-galaxy-7878-800x600the expression of heat and radiation, but that the stars (including our current star) are blazing expressions of electromagnetic energy forming about a confluence of electromagnetic interactions called a Z-Pinch, which essentially describes a three dimensional intersection of energies which unite, combine, and erupt into everything we see today; from small to large. It is electricity that keeps our hearts beating, our brains thinking, and our bodies moving. Electricity is starlight defined specifically in terms of frequency and vibration. Hence, we are not merely stardust, but rather, we are starlight made flesh, living expressions of cosmic consciousness!

This is why knowing the difference between the paradigm shown to us by Goliath and that of David is so important: because the paradigm expressed and accepted defines not only you, but your access and availability to active consciousness. The Goliath method (Standard Model Physics) would suggest that our cognitive processes are independently generated from within, while that of David would suggest quite the opposite. From the perspective of David (and that of the Electric Universe) the process of consciousness is one wherein we experience the process of thinking, and assume that it is our own (thank you Ego); the reality being that our brains act more as receivers 74f44__71876007_c0177401-brain_activity,_artwork-splfor the content of our Mind than content generators. The bio-chemical reactions which we assume to be the precursors to consciousness are, in fact, the result of consciousness expressing itself within the material world, after the fact. From the standpoint of David, and the Electric Universe, it is like looking at your Tablet, Phone, or Television and assuming that the signal received is actually generated within the device. We know, by use and practice, this is absolutely not the case; and a similar comparison can be held between the Brain and the Mind. So where is our consciousness sourced? To quote a line from one of my favorite movies, “Where is the Universe?” The truth is, the source point of our collective consciousness is contained or generated through two specific “local” sources, and then it is attenuated through the earth itself, like one big transmitter/receiver. We are able to identify these two sources through a comprehensive examination of the Kaballah, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Alchemy and every creation myth and legend which has ever been told relative to our current state of affairs. Regardless of the location or time, each story relates the same core events, their ultimate impact upon us all, and our solution to obtain a state of balance and harmony, wisdom and understanding.

The current source point of our active conscious mind is that of the Sun. The Sun has been called by many names: Mithras, Quetzalcoatl, Shiva, Jacob, Set, and Lucifer, to name but a few; and given many symbolic representations, but mithras-01none so effective as that of the Serpent entering the garden. The source point of our collective unconscious mind is Saturn. Saturn is also our original star, although then it was a much larger Brown Dwarf, referred to in mythology as Chronos, Abraham, Isis, Brahma, or Shamash; and at that time it was in companion orbit with Sirius. Of course, none of this bears any relevance from the perspective of Goliath, because all Goliath requires is a hammer to make stars and plenty of food and environment to sustain life, where ever. David, on the other hand, asserts that the life created by a star is literally designed to work with that star, forever. Imagine, short of a catastrophic injury or accident, there would be no death. The life generated by the star would be designed to make full use of the star’s full potential. Life would not only grow, it would flourish being able to fully absorb the star’s electromagnetic frequency and vibration, without any harm or damage.

But what would happen if a star with a higher frequency, vibration, and electrical potential managed to snag a smaller star, say a brown dwarf? This is, in fact, the very story that is born out again and again, from Egyptian mythology to Christianity, 3_aaa6f0d4aeab03d9ae4d6b2e552621d02and everything in between, the story is the same, simply told from differing perspectives. It would take far to long to catalog all the mythological comparisons here, and in fact, this is some of the subject matter contained in the book I am writing on the very topic. Knowing this information, however, can place a great many things into a very specific relief. From the perspective of the Alchemist, this knowledge contextualizes what we see in the world around us and what we see within ourselves, both materially and immaterially (body and Mind). It provides explanation as to why our body’s many systems can perform in a seemingly perfected harmony which is not witnessed without the body or in the Mind. It gives greater meaning to the phenomenon we call cancer; a disease wherein our ancestors looked outside at the world as it had become, filled with growth that was chaotic and unrestrained, and called the sign of the zodiac which fell in the new starlight’s greatest intensity, Cancer. Cancer, a description of a perfected state gone awry, growing so uncontrollably that it damages itself, the only equalizer being death.

So we see, the battle between David and Goliath is not merely one of science, but one of a far deeper vein, for each 350px-CMB_Timeline300_no_WMAPparadigm provides us insights and rules under which we operate. One suggests that all things are infinitely connected, the other does not. One provides the structure wherein one can seek understanding of the how’s and why of the universe, the other – lost in infinite theorization – spins and weaves explosive narratives which can neither be sustained nor observed, and are in fact contradicted or denied, by mere physical observation. One frees the Mind to limitless possibilities – eternal and infinite, the other locks you into a prison of dying flesh, which once gone is gone forever.

It is, and has been, the study of Alchemy – which requires the study of, and interest in, virtually everything – that has brought me to this understanding and level of comprehension. Only when we look upon the sciences and seek to unify them can we begin to understand the true wonder and majesty which is our conscious experience within the universe at large. Botany and Plasma Physics; Chemistry and Planetary Sciences; Mythology and Stellar Formation; Mysticism and Religion, paired with Human Physiology and Biology; or any combination of the above – and many others I did not mention, are but a few of the myriad of permutations in scientific studies which can yield much fruit in your pursuits as an Alchemist, if they are but seen through the unifying approach provided through an understanding that stars are electric, as is the entire universe!


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