The Modern Alchemist Discusses Alchemy and Star Trek TNG Season 5 Episode 2 “Darmok”


I thought I would take a moment and cover some of the material I tried to explain in the radio show yesterday. Specifically, I wanted to focus on ST:TNG Season 5: Episode 2 “Darmok” and how it relates to those of us who are familiar with a particular mythological or Alchemical narrative, but are unable to relate that narrative because the recipient lacks the subjective experience or understanding to comprehend what is being said; requiring that the message sender either amend their message, or inform the recipient of the myth in question so as to supply the appropriate degree of communication and understanding.

So it is with this particular episode, and as such, it (by virtue of its own existence) can supply a later metaphor for this very topic once you have reviewed this material!

$(KGrHqVHJEwFB)nZpCN!BQc8kMIO2!--60_35ST2E-EN02066Truly, one can not underscore sufficiently the impact and value the telling of a particular narrative can be relative to a given circumstance or human interaction! For it is by sharing a story that we recognize our similarities and our unity in consciousness, and understand that our differences are often not so different as we may have supposed!

— Aubrey Forest
“The Modern Alchemist”

Here is the link to “The Modern Alchemist Channel”

where I discuss ST:TNG S5 E2!  Enjoy!!!


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