What’s On Their Mind?

A Quick Tip for Deconstruction of Symbolic Relationships and Conscious States

By Giving The Gods a Check-up from the Neck Up!

egyptiangodsWhen teaching students how to “Read” symbolism with iconic presentations of the Egyptian Pantheon,  I tell them first to consider what is on their head, specifically what IS their head (as that in many cases they are not human, but animal heads), and what is being presented UPON their head.   These two bits of information can be extraordinarily useful in determining the nature and perceived degree of superior consciousness possessed by the god, or gods in question.  It can also be instructive as to the particular narrative relative to that god.

egyptian_gods_by_kingeric42-d650c6xOne must also consider the nature of the crown, or absence thereof (as in the god Anubis).  How does this relate to the specific literal narrative of the god, and how does it relate to the more symbolic narrative relative to events of a subjective nature (the migration of the soul), or things of a more cosmological nature, wherein we discover the cosmos and it’s many interactions and plays to be mirrored within ourselves and our interactions with other people or our environment at large?  These are the questions which will prove endlessly useful in your pursuit to unravel the mystery presented in the stillness of sculpture or the musty walls of ancient temples and tombs.

106654864_crowned-by-nekhbet-and-wadjet---cold-cast-resin---95-x-It is easy to observe that many kinds of hair styles and head wear worn among the human-M2-9__davemcheaded gods (like Isis, Osiris, and Nephthys) or the hairstyles worn by royalty (from children to adult) reflected a degree of stellar discharge or powerful electrical interaction and their relationship in consciousness to the cosmos at large; figuratively an expression of “The Mind of God.”  The Double Crown worn by Osiris, which is double-layered, or coaxial (using an electrical term) is a clear presentation of an electrical stellar discharge like the one seen here on the right.



Nothing, when viewing an artistic presentation relative to the old gods or their many avatars, is incidental.  Everything is deliberate and meant to be meditated upon so as to unlock the keys necessary to gain access to the Greater Mind available via entrance into what Carl Yung termed the Collective Unconscious Mind of Man, which is the storehouse and vault containing our collective spirit, our collective heart, and our collective experience.  It is within the murky depths of the Collective Unconscious Mind of Man that we achieve understanding and comprehension.  It is here we find ourselves by seeing through the eyes or our ancient parents and realizing the amazing insight and wisdom they must have possessed to have so carefully embedded such sacred knowledge and insights within a medium which is invulnerable to the passage of time.  One need only seek, and understanding shall find them!

— Aubrey Forest

“The Modern Alchemist”


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