Thoughts on “Stellar Sex” and the Electric Universe

I was just thinking …

cluster_of_planets_by_johndoop-d58s7qfAs two stars approach each other in binary orbit, there is an increase in the destabilization of the charged state equilibrium.  This causes the star with the greater charged state to seek equilibrium by discharging the excess in an effort to achieve homeostasis between the two stars.  The resultant discharge will cause the smaller star to excrete or “Bud” satellites which  serve as additional receptors to the charged state.  Sometimes (as is witnessed by our own mythology) a star will become so overly charged as to become erratic and unpredictable.  The star will swell, flare, or erupt CMEs which consume the newly born satellites in a kind of stellar cannibalism or infanticide.

While we have no current experience to say that the human race has ever witnessed such events, the mythological record speaks to events which reflect a cosmos and cosmological experience totally alien from the static and peaceful heavens we collision_of_planetswitness today.  Events much like what I envisioned above.

As has often been observed: “Everything is about sex, until you get to sex … then it’s about power.”  Especially true when considering stellar sex and planetary formation in the electric universe!

— Aubrey Forest

“The Modern Alchemist”


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