Creating A Reservoir of Positive Intent or R.P.I.!


Aubrey Forest

Creating A Reservoir of Positive Intent or R.P.I. – YouTube

To the Alchemist, all things are first a product of Mentalism, before they are anything else. In other words, all things are an expression of Consciousness before they are themselves the thing they become. The All is Mind.

pennyjarWith that said, there is an inexpensive, clever, and easy way aggregate Positive Intent and STORE IT for later use, or to be used as a simple “Recharge Station” or “Generator” for your other Cognitive Thought Forms! I call it the “Reservoir of Positive Intent” or R.P.I.. (Incidentally, I am not married to this name, so if there is someone out there who can come up with something better … let me know!) So how do you do it? Well like all things Alchemical, it begins first with One’s Perspective!

Most do not realize the small, silent treasure that is freely dispensed, or discarded every minute of every day in America. It is the Penny. Penny’s represent more than merely a single cent, or an increment of a dollar, they represent a fractionalization of real POWER within the world. This has been made possible by virtue of the fact that U.S. Currency is regulated by FIAT, meaning it is worth whatever the Federal Reserve says it’s worth relative to the conditions of the economy (and the relative status or condition of petroleum in the world), and our FAITH that this will remain relatively stable for the foreseeable future. Billionaires-Giving-Money-AwayThis volatility relative to the nature of our currency, and the fact that it is now DIRECTLY TIED to human consciousness and human activities rather than being based upon a real object or thing, like gold or silver which can be traded in the stead of exchange of paper or coin currency, has imbued our Fiat Currency with extraordinary Alchemical potential! Why? Because no conscious judgment can be placed upon generic currency; a Dollar is a Dollar (or a penny a penny), what you DO with it is up to you. This is far superior to a barter system, wherein a third party could “Infect” the exchange with negative Consciousness merely by stating an opinion in the negative. “Wow, I can’t believe you gave up that (insert valuable item here) for that other thing (whatever it was they exchanged for the item in question). Better still, “Jack! I can’t believe you traded our cow for a handful of “Magic Beans!” In Jack and the Beanstalk1Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack’s otherwise savvy purchase of five magic beans for a cow was now seen as pure stupidity, instantly stealing all worth or value from the beans; until they actually became a beanstalk, which still had only the value of a rather questionable means of conveyance, and a limited one at that. With cash, it’s merely numbers and degrees of measurable Force. So, while a single penny is essentially worthless, a hundred pennies begins to gain marginal traction, and 500 pennies is the cost of a decent cup of coffee. Measured in the hundreds of thousands or millions, pennies represent an incredible amount of force, not unlike the accumulation of an hundred thousand snowflakes. In the right position, those pennies could form an avalanche of Intent at a later date! Regardless, no one will pass judgment upon your purchasing decisions (except the store owner dealing with your thousands of pennies), because at the end of the day, money is money. And in Alchemical terms (and pretty much every where else) money equals power.

So what is so unique about pennies, beyond the fact that they are our only measure of currency minted in copper? (Even though they are produced today using zinc with a copper finish, they still evoke “Copper” to sight, sensation, and consciousness … so to the Alchemist, they are “Copper.”) Pennies are special because people willingly give this power away without a single thought. We have penny jars and trays at every cash register across the country. It is considered a courtesy and a convenience. But never once does anyone give thought to the effect on Consciousness. What happens if you elect to “Ride” this tide of good will and gratitude? Can you use it to create something more?bigstock-casual-group-of-happy-people-i-138696291

Yes you can!

This is how to create the Cognitive Thought Form which I term the“Reservoir of Positive Intent” or R.P.I.. Begin by collecting pennies , from either everyday transactions or where you may find them on the road (doesn’t really matter if it is heads up or whatever, that old wives tail is just silly, finding ANY money is always good luck!) and store them in a collection jar. This is basically like inviting a bunch of well-intentioned friends over and telling them to just hang out. Next to it, on the objective left of the receptacle as you face it, place an open glass, chalice, or cup where you can place the pennies as you affix “Intent” upon them, placing them into cup, etc. as you do. Keeping with Alchemical principles, I draw the pennies from the container on my right and place them into the receptacle on my left. Use your left hand, so as to extract the static essence potential or intent laying in the collection jar and make it active.

Sri Lakshmi Devi 1

Think of yourself as the goddess Lakshmi, drawing coins from the basket on your right and depositing them into a magical vessel representative of your rising power on your left. As you draw each penny, focus upon it and vocalize your expression of Gratitude like a benediction upon the penny, “I am grateful for my health,” or “I am grateful for my wife/children/pets/job” or whatever. The more specific you make your statement the more power it shall embody. Instead of tying the coin to a generality that exists in regular fashion (one would hope they are regularly healthy!) tie your invocation to something that really strikes you as fortunate or something for which you are DEEPLY grateful! See that image in your mind, let it BLAZE there for a few moments in silence, then speak. Be firm, brief, and to the point. 200369879-003Don’t embellish or get flowery, “Vain repetitions” are meaningless. Once done, stay focuses as you redeposit that energy, now combined with your own Intent and power, into a receptacle that is designated as belonging to YOU or representing you. Think of Lakshmi holding the small vase or jar in her left hand as now containing all that stored potential, a vessel of pure love, pure gratitude, made physical by your efforts! The materials are up to you, but I prefer placing the charged pennies into a copper cup that is inscribed with an Om symbol. For me, the continued association with copper aids in cementing the Cognitive Thought Form into “Reality,” and the utilization of the Om provides mnemonic relationships for me relating to the Generation, Operation, and Dissolution of all things (G.O.D.).  However you can use a nice glass or chalice, even a tin can may prove effective (tin is associated with Jupiter, and therefore entitles one to draw upon his veritable macht instead of the burning affections of Venus as seen in copper, her element!) Only YOU can be the judge as to the effectiveness and nature of your Cognitive Thought Forms (budget is also a consideration). Some methods KARMA_025_1024x1024and means are certainly more effective than others (as has been my experience over the years), and proper materials are extraordinarily effective, but there is certainly no fail safe method to ensure success or failure (other than lack of Focus, the lack of Training, or the of a Disciplined Mind is a sure road to failure). As the Cup or Chalice becomes full, you can then transfer the entire portion over to a larger container or a “Permanent” jar to be sealed. The process of “Sealing the Jar,” is a simple one.  The jar is held before you, right hand on the bottom, left hand on the to, so that your hands (and consequently your arms and your energy) flow in a form reminiscent of an Yin Yang, wherein the right hand represents that which is passive/fixed, and the left that which is active and volatile.  tumblr_l53ihkBRuO1qa7auxo1_500Right hand flat and holding the jar securely on the bottom, left hand flat on the lid.  Focus all of your Mind upon all the things for which you have been and continue to be grateful.  Feel the literal WEIGHT of your gratitude in your hands.  Let it become real in your mind, living, and thriving.  Feel the warmth of that feeling rise within you and focus all that energy into the conductive element of copper in your hands!  Let your intent and gratitude FLOW.  Be warned, many become over whelmed by all that is experienced and may be brought to weeping!  Fear not, Tears are the very Waters and Substance of Life.  Let them flow and consider them an holy libation and anointing.  Tears of Gratitude can be some extraordinarily potent tears indeed!  

The pennies will then remain in the jar and stay wherever you place them until actually needed for something, or when you feel that their charge has finally run out; which may take a very very very long time, depending upon the age of the pennies, your focus, use, and intent. Often, the older the pennies, the better, simply due to their time in circulation and contact with human consciousness.  Remember!  The “Spice MUST FLOW!” meaning, don’t horde your pennies!  You can leave your R.P.I.’s on your altar, in a window sill, or on a shelf or desk as a book end or paper weight.  Keep it visible, where it can be seen and consciously registered as a source or reservoir of collected gratitude, and positive energy.  I have had several strung about in conspicuous places of significance over the years to great benefit.  You may decorate your jar in any way you choose, as long as the meaning is meaningful to you and carries with it cognitive connections which direct your mind to the positive, to joy, and to gratitude.  A Cognitive Thought Form is only as strong as the Mind, and the associations that Mind may produce, relative to the object in question.  As some would say, “Ya gotta have Faith, for that ta work….”

Glass-jars-filled-with-penniesCollect your pennies, charge them, store them, use them, and then USE them!  Get all YOUR magical intent back out into the universe where another may ride upon YOUR wave, your power!  Use it for whatever you wish to use it upon.  It can be for charity, for a gift, a cup of coffee, or for a dozen eggs, it really doesn’t matter.  The fact that the currency remains flowing within the CURRENT of consciousness is all that is important!  The Spice must flow!  Just remember, whatever it is used upon, be grateful!  It’s that Attitude of Gratitude which will lend you the spark you may need to initiate REAL Transmutation in your life or the lives of those for whom you care!

In review:

  • Pennies represent an aggregation of positive intent, goodwill, and gratitude AUTOMATICALLY.

  • Gather pennies as you collect them, from business transactions or where you find them in a jar or cup and store them there until ready to transfer them to your Gratitude Chalice or Cup.

  • Use your LEFT HAND and draw from RIGHT to LEFT so as to draw the Static or Fixed intent and make it Volatile and Usable to YOU.

  • Place the penny into the Chalice or open cup and SAY SOMETHING related to a thing YOU PERSONALLY are grateful for!

  • When the Chalice or cup becomes full, transfer the whole amount into a larger vessel or a bunch of clean empty jars and store around your home to exhibit a polarization of good intent and gratitude!

  • Copper is tied to Venus and the Goddess of Love. What better a tool to use as a Cognitive Thought Form for thankfulness and gratitude than a penny?!

  • Keep that Attitude of Gratitude!  It’s a great Foundation upon which to build!



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